The Bulgarian Energy Exchange opens today

Operating in test-mode only for the time being

The Energy Minister Ms. Petkova will open a demonstration test session of the Bulgarian Energy Exchange at 10.30 in Sredetz Hall of Balkan Hotel.

For the time being the exchange shall operate in test-mode only, the effective real-time operation is scheduled for the beginning of next year when the small-size companies will enter the market. During the opening ceremony today the attendee will receive information about the trading principles and the exchange market rules. As of the middle of 2016 the households will be able to choose their energy supplier.

Bulgaria is one of the last countries in Europe to liberalize its energy market. By doing so, the electricity price will be formed on the basis of the market and it could be monitored online at any time.

According to the Chairman of the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum, Mr. Hinovski, at the beginning the liberalized market will cause increase in the prices but this will respectively decrease the consumption and shall lead to decrease of the prices of the energy producers, which will be reflected thereafter on the exchange.

Source: www.economic.bg