Covid-19: Restrictions on public gathering in force in Bulgaria until 31 October 2021

From 7 September 2021 to 31 October 2021 events involving gathering of people are restricted with the view to prevent further acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bulgaria pursuant to Order RD -01-748/02.09.2021 of the Minister of Health.

20210804_134218Conferences, seminars, symposium, trainings and other events are still allowed upon certain condition: use of no more than 30% of the meeting room capacity, up to 30 participants, who keep distance of at least 1.5 m. between each other and wear face masks on their faces. The exception does not apply to team buildings and other group activities, which are not essential and can be postponed.

Reduced capacity limit is imposed for shopping centers, administrative buildings and other public spaces that provide social services, the number of clients is to be monitored and restricted to allow for 8 sq.m. for each person present; wearing face masks and other protective equipment remains mandatory. The employers should prioritize home office, if possible; otherwise, they should arrange for up to 50% of the staff to be in attendance to allow for the social distancing to be observed.

There is an option of avoid the reduced capacity limit – the requirement does not apply if the owner or manager commits to admit to the premises only employees and visitors with valid COVID-19 vaccine certificate or negative PCR test. Considering that the current vaccination rate in Bulgaria is less than 20% and the PCR tests are not reimbursed by the health security, this option is likely to be used in small teams only and it is meant more as an incentive for expanding the vaccination level.

The effect of the measures will be inspect and analyze in the next 10 days and according to the result of further restrictions might be introduced.